The usual role for a desk lamp is to provide supportive lighting to what would be a usually lit room. Most of the home lighting is such as to provide comfort lighting and when spaces have to be marked out for reading purposes, it is customary to provide an additional source of light which would be the desk lamp (find on When using the desk lamp as a single source of light, it is necessary to use a more powerful light beam than otherwise.

The focus cone

One of the critical areas of performance in the use of desk lamps is the cone of illumination or the fall of the beam of light in most instances. If the area to be lit up happens to be rather extensive, then it has to be that an excellent wide focus area is chosen. The spotlight feature with a number of desk lamp models does bring in the much-needed intensity of lighting but at very reasonable energy consumption levels.

How adjustable is it

By the term adjustable, it is used to denote the range of flexibilities on offer to the user as far as a particular model of desk lamp is concerned. This feature is of prime importance to spaces that are typically utilized by many people. So each individual user can change the settings of the lamp to suit the needs.
The contemporary desk lamps are built with some flexibility of operations. This is done to maximize the utility of the lamp and make it more widely suited. But in case more freedoms of action is required, then it is best to pick out a model that does provide with the desired features.

Light quality

Most white Desk Lamp NATURALCHOICELIGHTINGof the standard desk lamp models can be fitted out with the light source separately. This enables each user to use the most appropriate light as is the need. People seldom pay attention to the quality of light sources as laid out by the marking on the bulbs or luminaries. Along with the power consumed in Watts and the light output in Lumens; there is a figure that would have been given a degree Kelvin. This is primarily what decides the kind of shade of the light being emitted as with features like the warmth of the light.
By comparing different Kelvin values and the light being produced at each instance, it would be possible to come to a basic understanding of the quality of light that would go about with a particular setting. Probably the more technically skilled people would be able to relate to a specific Kelvin rating most of the time but certainly not the layman consumer.

Connector types

There are principally three or four types of end connectors to a light fixture. Most of the times, the more exotic models of lights tend to have one of the rarer connectors, and this part must be given the due consideration during the purchase of the desk lamp to ensure proper compatibility.